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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Welcome to the new Radio Espionage blog dedicated to New Media! 

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After spending parts of five decades as a Radio Programmer and Personality, I've encountered just about every situation imaginable associated with the radio industry. My experience allows me to share bits of wisdom that will help guide you through your career. 


All the things you do at work that makes you feel overly important, is not. Put in your 40 hours efficiently, but play harder than you work. When you play harder than you work, your work becomes more efficient.

Unless you're the owner of a company and are just an employee, let them worry about the problems. They'll replace you tomorrow with someone who will work for less money even if they are less knowledgeable and efficient if it helps improve the bottom line. 

Your mind will play games with you, allowing you believe your importance to an organization makes you bulletproof. The more bulletproof you assume you are makes you the most vulnerable.  

The company will go on with or without you. 
Your role is to simply leave the position you were hired for in a better place than when you started.  

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Re-Launching Soon

The Lab Explores New Music Format Concepts  

Introducing NOVO, a futuristic music format featuring "No Vocals" that's perfect for listening anyplace, anytime when you're in the mood for a mid tempo to upbeat music mix minus the distracting and sometimes irritating vocals. NOVO features ambient, electronic, chill-wave, trance, and lo-fi music. One listen and you'll hear why NOVO is the ultimate concentration format ideal while you're driving, working in the office, and entertaining or relaxing at home. 

NOVO is an additional option for a radio group wanting to offer something different to attract new listeners and advertisers to their platform. NOVO is a high Cume, Low TSL format but it's unique style will attract high income earners and a specific type of advertiser who wants to reach NOVO's affluent audience. As you listen, you'll immediately identify how the use of AI makes complete sense for creating an image and adding personalities leading to a high income and low overhead option. 

In case you're not familiar with the artists featured on NOVO, I recommend downloading each of the songs listed in the sample hour below on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your digital music and listen to them in order from start to finish to feel the concept. After you've listened, send me your thoughts and let's start a conversation to see if NOVO makes sense for your digital music platform. 

Before launching a new music format, you have to consider the markets you're targeting to determine if there is a hole in the market and a market in the hole. NOVO isn't for everyone but if you're in a mid to major market situation, NOVO is an excellent option. 

* Shadow vocals may appear in some songs. 
Sample Hour 
West & Zander- That's Right 
Colors Of Illusion- Caffeine Addiction 
Giants Nest- Cave In 
Spring Gang- Mama Funk 
Sons Of Maria- Outbound 
Lucas Pittman- Lalula 
Ealot- Sheltered Waters 
Dye O- Mirage 
Far Orange & Duckmaw- Afrodeziac 
This Other Space- Honey Mood 
Phello- Terrace Nights 
Moon Craters- Night Vibes
Brendon Moeller- Contours 
Rain The Man- Bora 
Andre Aguado- Luminous 

Another feature of the NOVO format is the song lengths allow for up to 13-14 songs per hour making room for 8 to 10 minutes of commercial inventory. However, you'll want to program several commercial free hours throughout the day to create the perception of fewer ads than other formats to give you an added attribute. 

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is a new feature on Radio Espionage where I utilize my radio programming background to critique various podcasts designed to help you cut through the clutter of over 3 million available podcasts.


Mark Elliott Media
offers multiple music formats designed to expand a pure digital or terrestrial radio app allowing you to offer a vast selection of music choices. You can create an app using all or a select number of formats listed below. 

Active Rock
Adult Alternative (AAA)
Adult CHR
Adult Hits
CHR/Top 40
Classic Hits
Classic Rock
Hot AC
Mainstream AC 
Novo (No Vocals)
Rhythmic AC
Rock 40 
Back To The 80's 

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